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Benefits of Mediation

Family mediation allows couples to control the outcomes that impact their future and the future of their children. 

Our mediation is a faster and more cost-effective way of reaching an agreement than going through a court process. 


You avoid horrendous legal and court costs by mediating your parenting and financial agreements.


Family mediation can be held in a joint meeting, in separate rooms, by phone or video conference. It can be arranged at a time to suit you, including after hours and weekends.


The information clients share with the family mediator is kept confidential. Proposals put forward during mediation cannot be referred to in court proceedings.

Reduce Stress

By coming to an agreement the stress of living with uncertainty is alleviated.

Be Heard

You get to tell your side of the story and have constructive conversations about issues and proposed arrangements. Everyone’s perspective, needs, and interests are taken into account in the process and all options are considered.

End Conflict

End the emotional burden of constant conflict when dealing with your ex-partner.

Protect The Children

Unresolved conflict and uncertainty following separation negatively impact the children. Mediated agreements and decisions made by both parents bring clarity and security to children.


In most cases under family law, parties must make a genuine attempt to resolve disputes through family mediation (family dispute resolution) before commencing proceedings in Court. In children’s matters, the Court will not hear the matter unless you have engaged in family mediation and if unresolved obtained a Section 60I Certificate from the family mediator.

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Frustrated that you can’t come to an agreement with your ex about parenting matters or property division. Gold Coast Mediation will mediate a final outcome, with documents you can file in Court.

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Costs of Mediation

Separation and Divorce can be expensive. We aim to to help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and streamline the process to resolution.  Both parties can be invoiced separately.

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Meet Stacey

Expert family mediator, Stacey Turner, will support you through the family mediation process. She has practiced as a family lawyer and now dedicates her time to keeping people out of court. Stacey is an experienced accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner who gets results.