Separation Mediation


What It Is: The first few weeks and months after separation is one of the most stressful and overwhelming times of your life. You may not want to make long-term decisions at this time but there are still decisions to be made. Our separation mediation is designed to:

  • support you with the early challenges;
  • provide you with information and referrals;
  • assist you and your ex-partner put interim arrangements in place.
Example of Issues: Separation Mediation can deal with any issue that arises post separation however some of the common issues include:

  • ways to communicate to make arrangements and decisions
  • transitional living arrangements
  • living separated but under the same roof
  • decisions relating to finances, expenses, joint bank accounts and property
  • what to tell the children and how
  • supporting the children and their routines
  • agreeing the next steps to resolution

Benefits to you: The early stages of separation are the most overwhelming. To prevent miscommunication and conflict and to reduce stress it is highly beneficial to have an interim agreement with your ex-partner as it relates to the children and finances. How you navigate the early days will often dictate how quickly you can move to resolution and avoid unnecessary financial and emotional costs. 

Benefits to your children: Separation impacts children. It is normal to worry about the children and how they are coping. Separation mediation is a way to help you and your children during this time by working through differences, considering options that are in the children’s best interests and most importantly providing them with the security that you are putting their needs first. Children benefit from knowing that even though their parents are separating they are still a family unit and that the parents will make decisions together for their benefit. 

The Process: Similar to the process for Family Mediation we will conduct an Intake Meeting with each party to explain the process, provide important information and discuss your issues prior to setting a time for the joint mediation sessions. The interim arrangements agreed to by the parties will be written up and provided to the parties at the conclusion of the mediation. 

Fees for Separation Mediation:

Pre-mediation Intake Meeting – $300 plus GST per person (1.5 hours)

Joint Mediation Session – $495 plus GST per person (3 – 4 hours)

** Shorter mediation sessions can be arranged by agreement. 

What Happens Next: Following the Separation Mediation, and where appropriate, a date is set in the following 4 to 6 months to mediate parenting and property matters on a final basis. This allows time for the “dust to settle” before the parties are considering agreements that will be permanent. For more Information: What is Family Mediation, Benefits of Family Mediation, How Does Family Mediation Work, Costs of Family Mediation 

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