Divorce Coaching supports you during the overwhelming transition of separation and divorce

You don’t need to go it alone. This specialist one on one support will ensure you understand all the legal processes, help you make decisions and communicate effectively with your ex-partner, save you costly mistakes and help you think clearly, stay focused and bounce back.

Benefits to you

Stacey is passionate about helping her clients find a better way to divorce. With Divorce Coaching, Stacey can give you the knowledge, strategies and techniques to protect you and your children emotionally and make good decisions legally and financially. Stacey will assist you to minimise the pain of divorce and the financial cost.

Divorce Coaching with Stacey improves the probability of a favourable divorce outcome for you emotionally and financially

Mediator and Divorce Coach

Our Divorce Coach

Stacey is highly experienced in all areas of divorce. 

  • CDC Qualified Divorce Coach
  • Practised as a Family Lawyer
  • Accredited Mediator
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Has owned and operated Small Business and understands the commercial world
  • Personally navigated two Divorces of her own; one with children and one without

Stacey can help you

  • Develop coping strategies
  • Understand the options for going through the divorce process
  • Understand the legal processes and help you prepare for mediation or court
  • Understand what your kids need and how they can build resilience
  • Protect your finances
  • Avoid the pitfalls of poor decision making
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes people make in divorce
  • Save money and time
  • Gain clarity, confidence and courage for the divorce journey

Practical Support

Every divorce journey is unique. Stacey will take the time to understand your personal situation and what you need and want. It is likely that you will want to be supported in one if not all of the following areas. 

Stacey offers coaching out of hours so that her clients are fully supported during their break-up and divorce.


Stacey works with clients at all stages of their divorce. She can provide you with an objective and unbiased support as you navigate the minefield of a relationship breakdown. Whatever it is Stacey listens to your individual circumstances and provides guidance and strategies to ease your pain and make good decisions.


Break-ups and divorce are an emotional rollercoaster. Coaching will provide you with techniques to help you cope with the overwhelm and to build personal strength.


Break-ups and divorce affect us financially. One of the biggest fears when going through a divorce is that of financial uncertainty. Stacey can help you devise a plan and take action to protect your finances. She will help you avoid the most common financial mistakes that people make during divorce.


With Stacey’s background as a family lawyer she can clearly explain the legal processes in divorce including the kids, parenting plans, spousal maintenance, property and divorce. With the right advice, you can save money and heartache by avoiding services that do not require legal consultation. Stacey can assess documentation, provide mediation and when the time comes for legal assistance assist you in engaging experienced and trustworthy people.

Stacey can also help you understand what options are available for going through the divorce process.


You may well be coping emotionally, but find yourself lost in administration and paperwork. Stacey will help you get organised with all of the documentation needed for divorce. She will help you prepare a brief for your lawyers (if need be) so that you can provide clear instructions and save costs.


We all want to protect our children from the impacts of relationship breakdown and separation. When it comes to your role as a parent, Stacey can assist with the appropriate support so that your children remain a priority and you are armed with the tools to assist your children build resistance. Stacey can help you with child support, family assistance, parenting plans and mediation.


Some relationship break-ups are high conflict. Stacey can help you develop your own voice, navigate the difficult conversations and situations in which conflict arises and understand conflict patterns. She can explore with you different ways to effectively communicate with your ex-partner.


Communication with your ex-partner after a break-up will greatly impact the outcome of your divorce. Stacey can coach you in effective communication methods and assist with preparation of written communications.


Stacey can help you define the issues that need attention at mediation. She can also help you develop strategies for negotiation to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Break-ups herald the beginning of a new phase in your life. Stacey can help you define an action plan that will inspire you to keep moving forward to a positive future. This can include a new career, a new relationship or a new identity.

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Frustrated that you can’t come to an agreement with your ex about parenting matters or property division. Gold Coast Mediation will mediate a final outcome, with documents you can file in Court.

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Costs of Mediation

Separation and Divorce can be expensive. We aim to to help you avoid unnecessary legal costs and streamline the process to resolution.  Both parties can be invoiced separately.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation allows you and your former partner the opportunity to resolve your parenting, property and financial matters, without the need for expensive legal costs.

  • Stopping the kids suffering
  • Have financial certainty
  • Reduce conflict
  • Focus on building a new life

Meet Stacey

Expert family mediator, Stacey Turner, will support you through the family mediation process. She has practiced as a family lawyer and now dedicates her time to keeping people out of court. Stacey is an experienced accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner who gets results.