What is Family Mediation (Family Dispute Resolution)?


Family Mediation (also known as Family Dispute Resolution) is a way of helping families to reach agreements about what should happen after separation or divorce. It is a popular alternative to asking the court to make decisions about family issues. The Family Mediator does not make a decision for the parties. The parties come to an agreement.

Every day, mediation helps couples that are in the process of separating or divorcing to decide what to do about: 

  • Children’s Matters (how to share parenting and parental responsibilities going forward); and
  • Property and Financial Matters (how to divide property and financial assets and liabilities).

The Family Mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner):

  •  provides the skills to assist the parties to communicate effectively and identify their needs and interests:
  •  uses a variety of problem-solving techniques to help the parties identify options and solutions: and
  • assists the parties to negotiate an agreement that once documented can become legally binding.

The terminology to describe mediation in family matters is Family Dispute Resolution and Family mediators are referred to as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. 

Family Mediation is a process that:

  •  is respectful and confidential and enables your family matters to remain private;
  • empowers separated parties to make decisions in relation to their children, property, and finances that will affect the rest of their lives;
  • enables parties to reach an agreement without going to court; and
  • avoids horrendous legal costs.


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