Property and Financial Mediation


What It Is: Family Dispute Resolution (Family Mediation) provides the process by which separated parties can come to an agreement in relation to their property and financial matters.

Benefits to you: In most cases, there is no need for parties to litigate property matters. Mediation provides the parties with a safe environment to raise the financial issues relevant to them, discuss options and negotiate a settlement. It prevents costly legal fees and you can reach a final resolution within as little as two weeks. It is an entirely confidential process. 

Our offer: Our impartial Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Family Mediator) works with both parties to ensure:

  • that full disclosure has been made by both parties to the assets, liabilities and superannuation interests of the combined property pool prior to the joint mediation;
  • that the parties understand the following four-step approach to resolving property and financial matters:
  1. Full Disclosure: Identify and value the net property of the parties
  2. Contributions: Identify the parties financial and non-financial contributions during the relationship;
  3. Future Needs: Identify the future needs of both parties following separation; and
  4. Just and Equitable: The aim is to secure a settlement that is just and equitable for all parties.

Have Confidence: Our mediator, Stacey, practiced as a family and commercial lawyer and has owned and operated small businesses. She understands the legal processes, is experienced in financial matters and complex property, trust and business structures. She will demystify the process and give you the confidence to mediate a resolution. 

Recommendation: Prior to mediation it is helpful to obtain independent legal advice in relation to what you could expect an outcome to be if your matter was to proceed to court i.e. your best case and worst case. This advice helps the parties set realistic parameters for their outcome at mediation. We can provide referrals to legal services that provide the initial consultation free of charge. 

Agreements: To make your property and financial agreement legally binding you can apply to the Court to have your agreement made into a Consent Order or engage a lawyer to draft a Binding Financial Agreement. 

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