Client Testimonials

When I called Stacey I was at wits end. I hadn’t seen my son for two months and couldn’t get any response from his mother. Stacey listened and took swift action. She contacted my ex, organised meetings and within 10 days I was reunited. We now have an agreement in place that ensures this doesn’t happen again. I couldn’t be more thankful.

T, Broadbeach

Stacey worked miracles. My husband and I had been fighting through lawyers for over a year about our finances. I had spent a ridiculous amount of money on legal fees and was getting nowhere. I contacted Stacey to help. She demystified the process, got the information that we needed on the table and within a couple of meetings we had come to an agreement. We lodged consent orders in Court. The relief I felt was immeasurable.

A, Currumbin

I thought you had to go to court to get an agreement. Then I was referred to Stacey. She saved me a fortune and it wasn’t that complicated. There were a couple of heated debates with my ex-wife, but Stacey managed us perfectly. Kept us on track. We even worked out how my ex-wife could keep the house for the kids. Amazing.

D, Pimpama

I tried getting into a government agency. But there was at least a two month wait and I wouldn’t get a choice about who would mediate for us. I wasn’t willing to let my kids suffer anymore. We needed help and Stacey gave it to us a million times over. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

E, Southport

I moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast when my partner and I split up. We had our property on the market, and I had quit my job. My mental health was fragile. My psychologist referred me to Stacey. That was my lucky break. The fact that she has practised as a lawyer and is now a mediator meant that she understood all of the property and financial issues and didn’t allow the conflict to prevent us reaching agreement. We had a telephone mediation with my partner and his lawyer, and we had reached a final agreement within 3 hours. Would hate to think where I would be now if I hadn’t been referred to Stacey.

S, Paradise Point

Thank you, Stacey, for helping my wife and I at the worst time in our lives. You treated our situation with respect and privacy. We came to divide our property and to work out time arrangements for our kids and you helped us do that and more. You enabled us to keep the door open for friendship with each other in the future. As parents to 4 kids that is a gift.

C, Tenterfield